Self and Team 360 degree Assessments Simplified

Self & Team Assessments

We are passionate about Continuous Improvement and with Folio, we intend to bring the same agility into feedback systems. Team Managers, HR can create teams and publish assessments to the teams on a periodic basis.


Self Assesments

Team members can periodically complete their self assessments on various projects.

360 Degree Assessments

Team members can assess each other’s performance and improve the overall productivity.

Cultural Fit

Are you hiring the right folks? Candidates can complete online assessments and their attributes can be compared to the company values to understand the fit.

Leadership Assessments

We work with leaders in Organizational Behavior to tailor fit our product with your needs to understand and assess leadership maturity within your organization.


Team Management

Support for Mobility

Project Management

Custom Services

Assessments with multiple Question Types


Real Time Synchronization


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