Sales Reps can be more efficient in the field by using OrderZen. Capture Business Cards, Send Quotes and more..

Welcome to Kevin’s Journey

Scan Business Cards

Sales Reps like Kevin engage with potential clients and new contacts at events and other locations. Post COVID, the number of in-person events is growing and using OrderZen, Reps don’t have to worry about losing a card. They can capture busienss cards, store them on the device as contacts and synchronize them with popular platforms such as Salesforce.

Track Activities

When quotes are sent to customers, activities get created in the background automatically to help the reps be on top of upcoming deadlines. Reps can also assign tasks to their team-members and thus improve collaboration.

Capture Leads

In addition to the business card scanning, leads can be manually created and synchronized with popular CRM platforms such as Salesforce. 

Store Contacts

Similar to leads, OrderZen enables sales teams to store their contacts on the device and synchronize them with platoforms such as Salesforce.

Conversational Bot

We believe in innovation and rolling out new modules to simplify the lives of sales reps. Conversational Bot in OrderZen allows the reps to interact with the app through voice and get things done.  We only started experimenting recently and will enhance the capabilities based on our customer feedback.


Data collected in the app can be easily sychronized with platform such as Salesforce. This is completely optional and users have control on the sychronization options.

Flexible User Interface

The UI is configuration driven through Baton and administrators can control the capabilities deployed to end-users. 

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