Field service engineers

Field service engineers install, or repair equipment at client’s place. By using the OrderZen app the FSE will update the quantity of the product’s consumed for the install and the details are stored in CRM system. FSE’s have the ability to transfer their inventory on request to other FSE on approval basis.

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FSE from the FSL Salesforce

FSE from the FSL Salesforce app selects a work order and the user will be redirected to Product consumption screen of the OrderZen app.

The Inventory for the product

The Inventory for the product The FSE will select the – appropriate products consumed consumption for the work order will loaded from SAP in real time. for the work order and submit it to the Salesforce.

Products Consumed

The FSE can view the products consumed for that work order on salesforce platform

Product Consumption Screen

A request will be sent to another FSE on the salesforce platform and FSE needs to accept the request. After the approval the FSE can view that particular material in his Product consumption screen.

Van-To-Van Transfer

The FSE will go to Van-To-Van Transfer screen on the OrderZen app. The FSE will request for a material from another FSE which is not available in his inventory.


Data collected in the app can be easily sychronized with platform such as Salesforce. This is completely optional and users have control on the sychronization options.

Flexible User Interface

The UI is configuration driven through Baton and administrators can control the capabilities deployed to end-users. 

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