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The word “Consent”  “means permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.” A consent form is a formal document that is often filled and signed by the party that is agreeing to terms and conditions. The concept of Consent Forms are application in Hospitals, Research, Clinical Studies, Kids activities and many more aspects of life.

StoryPulse empowers organizations capture consent form from their customers in both online and offline modes. The forms can vary from simple text to extremely complex ones with images, videos etc to educate and engage customers as part of the consent capture process. Once completed the forms can be associated with


Consent forms in Hospitals & Clinics

Often times, marketing and sales professionals go to clinics to interact with physicians and other medical professionals. In this scenario, there is a often a need for the brands to capture the consent in order to share marketing collateral, often times in offline mode.

Consent forms for Kids activities

As per law, organizations that create engagement activities for kids such as “Moon Bounce”, “Kids Zone” are obligated to capture the consent from parents to avoid legal complications. StoryPulse can be used in this scenario to effortlessly capture the responses and syncronize them to the back end CRM platforms such as Salesforce.


Account Synchronization from Salesforce

Consent Form Synchronization to the Account/Contact record in Salesforce

Contact Synchronization from Salesforce

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