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The world is still offline and @ Focal, we strongly believe that despite the fact that wifi is growing significantly across the globe, there is and will be a need for disconnected applications in matured and emerging markets at a price point that is affordable. Currently, while technology frameworks have drastically improved, have become more accessible and cheaper, the cost of COTS products are not for global rollouts. We are here to democratize Voice of the Customer related technology.


Capture Leads in Online/Offline modes

OrderZen is designed to help Sales Representatives capture leads manually or from Business Cards.

Send Estimates and capture Orders Online | Offline

Securely connect all of your customer data for a single, unified view of the customer. Simple to administer and maintain.

Offline Data Capture

Sometimes, there may be a need to be able to just capture data offline; it could be about gathering competitive information using flexible forms.

Offline Customer Education

In specific scenarios such as political campaigns, house visits are very common when volunteers knock the doors and try to educate residents about the candidate’s belief system or key differentiators. Using StoryPulse, the volunteers can play powerful content such as videos and rich graphics to engage the residents.


Account Synchronization from Salesforce

Feedback Synchronization to Salesforce

Assessment Synchronization

Native Support for iPad

Multiple Question Types

Custom Themes

Visibility Management

Introductory Text

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